Welcome to Candelabra Consulting
We are specialized on the recruiting of international healthcare professionals moving to Germany
We support healthcare facilities and professionals from the job search, the relocation, the qualification of the necessary language skills up to your first years of work
Candelabra offers you exactly that kind of support you need - taylored to your requirements

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

(Peter Drucker)

Candelabra Consulting is recruiting foreign nurses, doctors or therapists for healthcare facilities in Germany. Our goal is not only to place them, but to make the move and all related activities easier for everyone, the healthcare professionals as well as employers. On the following pages you will find how we support you as foreign worker (healthcare professionals) and as employer (healthcare facilities) looking to recruit from another country.

Our focus...

is on getting healthcare professionals and care facilities around the world together. Our goal is to help build long-term relationships between hospitals and healthcare staff and make international moves easier.

Healthcare Professionals

You are a doctor, nurse or therapist thinking to move to Germany, but you are not sure of the requirements and if you should do it?

Healthcare Facilities

You are a german hospital, clinic or private practice open to employ healthcare professionals from overseas? You are looking for a professional, highly engaged and trustworthy partner? We support your needs.

We support doctors, nurses and therapists moving to Germany for work

We answer your questions about moving to Germany as doctor, nurse or therapist


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