Welcome to Candelabra Consulting

We are excited to share our experience with you and to help you to remove boundaries.

Our goal is to make your international move as smooth as possible. We support you with any service or question you might need to answer during the transition and up to one year after employment!

Why are we doing this?

Because we have made this experience ourselves multiple times. Sergio as a physician moving from Colombia to Portugal and finally to Germany. Me, Sonja, a former PT moving, living and working in multiple countries such as China, Malaysia and Australia.

We know how difficult it is to start somewhere new and want to help others NOT to make the same experiences as us.

How did we start Candelabra?

Sergio and me know each other from our study in Frankfurt, where we both finished a MBA in international healthcare management at www.Frankfurt-school.de

(Which is by the way, an awesome program if you want to advance your career into leading any type of team in healthcare.)

Anyways, this is how we met and became friends although, I was living at the time in China and Sergio in Portugal, we managed to stay in touch.

Once I moved back to Germany, Sergio contacted me and asked if I would mind helping him a little, as he decided to finally move there as well and needed help with his paperwork.

Sure thing, we started working on it. He sent me precomposed E-mails and I translated them into a proper German, as well as answering understanding questions when the replies came in. We started to look into apartments and other things he would need for his move.

One of these days we started talking about how difficult new starts are and how different this feels for him this time, knowing to have someone supporting him in the daily life questions.

And that´s when it dawned on us, that MAYBE this is what we are meant to be doing?! We are both from the healthcare sector, so we like to help people, we have a lot of experience and contacts when it comes to international healthcare and we are both kind of adventures…

The rest is history and now I am sitting here writing this blog post for you. I hope this makes you understand us a little bit more and you will keep on looking into our channels for updates and information on us and our services.

Take care and hopefully hear from you soon.



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