#3 Integration of healthcare professionals

The 3. part of our integration series revolves around the preparation of your new employees while they are still in their home country. A certain level of German is a basic requirement to bring employees to Germany. Use the time of the language course to hire your new staff for your facility. Design workshops to teach basic skills in advance, to explain documents or to illustrate processes. Common idioms or internal terms must also be explained well in advance. Think about what an outsider who comes to you needs to know in order to find their way around your house. But above all, cultural differences and peculiarities of German culture with regard to the country of origin should be shown in order to prepare your employees accordingly. Another possibility is to involve your existing employees in joint workshops in order to force initial connections here and counteract later fears of contact. Should you have any help with the workshop conception or other questions on this topic, we are happy to help.

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