Since being a student, one hears about Germany. Among many other things, Germany is known for its great healthcare system and with that comes medical and technological advancements. Being a doctor and having worked for some years in Portugal, I decided to move into Germany to advance my career as a medical doctor and search for an opportunity to start my residency in Germany. Here my focus was set on ophthalmology or something related to that field. Since the very beginning, I knew I wanted to move to western parts of Germany, specially states like Nordrhein-Westfalen, Hessen or Baden-Württemberg, as I knew already some people living in those areas. I started to apply and received job offers from hospitals and clinics in the regions of Frankfurt and Stuttgart. I decided to choose a placement close to Stuttgart. Later on, with the Corona-Virus pandemic spreading across Europe, including Germany, all the bureaucracy and processes, among many other things, became more complicated. I knew I needed a helping hand. Until one day, as I was scrolling down my Facebook feed, I found Candelabra Consulting. I contacted them, to see if they would help me along the way with the organization of my applications, move and apartment search. After they replied and we had a skype call to get to know each other, we began our cooperation. My dream to further specialize and work as medical Doctor in Germany soon became more real.