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how we work
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"We are your professional partner from the first idea until you start working"

Our Goals and Values

Candelabra- Internationale healthcare recruitment and consulting, stands for guidance, support and integration in international healthcare. We take it as our core task to individualize our support to your needs, being the signpost for your journey and bridge to your new employer/employee.

Our Motivation

We have been in the situation of international moves, both as employer and employee. We know how stressful and unnerving a start in a new country can be. We believe that the support on the beginning is most important to make a good start and therefore results in a successful longterm employee/employer relationship.

Our solution

We are offering our support for healthcare professionals and corporate clients from day one of thinking to move or employ someone from overseas. It doesn´t matter, where you are at on your journey, we help you to succeed!

Let Candelabra be the international bridge!

Our journey together

The Candelabra Experience

From our own background, we know how difficult a international change of workplace can be, both for Employee and Employer.

As a new employee in a different country, we are not only in need to adjust professionally, but also personally. This adds pressure and includes a lot of insecurities. At Candelabra we want to relieve you of that pressure and reduce the insecurities, so that you can focus on your new task ahead of you. We are there for you, whenever you need us.

As employer, communicating with new staff from overseas, is time consuming due to time differences and the focus is on the work related issues, like payment, contract etc. The human resources department tries there best to support new epmloyees, but do tehy have the time to help with daily life questions, apartment rental and all the other necessities of daily life? At Candelabra we will take over the additional tasks deriving from overseas employment. Let us be taking care of your new international recruits.

Let us help you to make this international recruiting and employment a great experience -> The Candelabra Experience

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